Friday, October 17, 2008

New Post Season Same Red Sox

It seems that the worst place an opposing team can have the Boston Red Sox is on the brink of elimination. Tampa Bay is learning that lesson the hard way. After dominating Boston in games two, three and four as well as the fist seven innings of game five and that’s when Boston came alive starting with a single by Dustin Pedroia, followed by a three-run homer by David Ortiz. Before the night was over Boston would sneak away with an 8-7 victory that would have the baseball world thinking, “Here we go again!”

The Red Sox are certainly no strangers to comebacks. In 2004, they became the only major league team to rally from a 3-0 postseason deficit by beating the New York Yankees in the ALCS and then last year, they overcame a 3-1 hole against Cleveland in the ALCS.

Now Tampa has two games at home to send the defending world champions packing but they had better do it in game six. If Boston pushes this series to a seventh game I don’t think there is a person outside the state of Florida who would pick the Rays.