Saturday, October 04, 2008

Expert Help For Prep Athletes

It should go without saying that being a college athlete isn’t easy. The road to getting there isn’t pretty either. Students must maintain their health, excel in their athletic performance and establish the right contacts all while maintaining their grades. Of the hundreds of thousands of prep athletes in the country only a small percentage of them make it to upper level college athletics. The ones that do make it don’t do so without any help.

So the question is this. Who is helping you? If you are at a bigger school you have access to advisors and coaches who distribute game film for you but if you are from a smaller school it doesn’t mean that you have to do it all by your self. Sports Gist helps athletes get, and stay, connected to experts and other athletes around the country.

Listen to podcasts from coaches and athletes from around the country for tips and advice. Check out High school sports live and find the latest on your favorite teams. Athletes can receive coaching, nutrition advice and much more. You can even post your College recruiting video!

If you are an athlete striving to improve your game and are looking for the latest updates, advice and trends for your sport or are just trying to get an edge on College Recruiting then there are numerous ways Gist can help you.