Sunday, September 10, 2006


The Texas Longhorns were put in their place Saturday night by the number one team in the country exposing them for what they really are, a team with a freshman quarterback. The Longhorns may be a good team, probably still the best in the Big 12, but they are not a great team.

We were told over and over again how Texas would move on without Vince Young and still be fine. We were told that Colt McCoy was the real deal and could guide the Longhorns back to the Promised Land this season. We were told that it wasn’t as much Vince Young but that Mack Brown had finally figured out how to win the “big one.” We were told by Texas fans but they were wrong!

The worst part is that we believed them. I picked the Longhorns to win against Ohio State and I wasn’t alone. Now the truth is out and we know that although McCoy is going to be a good quarterback he’s not national championship caliber yet.

Mack Brown now all of a sudden has that Monkey hanging around the locker room again. If Texas loses to Oklahoma next month then it will jump on his back again as talk will grow that it wasn’t Mack but Vince that led the Longhorns to the title.

We know we were fooled Saturday but were we also fooled in January to believe that Mack Brown was actually a championship coach?