Thursday, September 21, 2006

Buster's Best

Here's the deal. Buster, my son, picks out five games over the weekend and we make our picks against the spread. At the end of the season if he wins then he gets a special trip or something like that. If I win it means extra chores!

Last Week’s Games

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins were 7 point favorites over the Bills and showed no offensive punch what so ever. Buster and I both picked the Dolphins to cover the 7 points and start off 0-1. Buster 0-1, Dad 0-1

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys were 5.5 point favorites over the Redskins and Buster and I both jumped on the Cowboys to cover. It made up for that lousy Dolphins pick. Buster 1-1, Dad 1-1

Oklahoma at Oregon – All I’m going to say here is that the Sooners covered the 4 points they were getting from the Ducks which Buster and I both said they would. Buster 2-1, Dad 2-1

Cincinnati at Ohio State – I wish I could call push here but I can’t. Buster picked the Buckeyes to cover the 30 points they were giving to Cincinnati and I said Ohio State would have a Texas let down. They did for one quarter. Buster 3-1, Dad 2-2

Michigan at Notre Dame – Wow! How ugly was Notre Dame’s performance? Buster said the Irish would cover the seven points they were giving to Michigan and I took they Wolverines. I never expected it to get that nasty though. Buster 3-2, Dad 3-2

For the season: Buster 7-7-1, Dad 6-8-1

This Week’s Games

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins are 11 point favorites over the Titans. While Miami hasn’t given any reason to believe they could cover a spread the Titans could be the worst team in the NFL. Buster has faith in the Titans but I’m going with my dolphins one more time.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts – The Colts are 9 point favorites over the Jags who are coming off a huge win over Pittsburgh. This could be a let down game for the Jags and for that reason I’m going with the Colts. Buster is picking the Jags to cover the 9 points they are getting.

Middle Tennessee at Oklahoma – The Sooners aren’t good at covering large spreads and Buster is expecting that trend to continue. He’s taking the Blue Raiders and the 29 points they are getting from Oklahoma. I’m going the other way though. I think the Sooners will have a lot of frustration and aggravation to take out this week and the talent gap between the two teams will show this weekend. I’ll take the Sooners to cover the 29 points.

Oklahoma State at Houston – The Cougars are a 1 point favorite over Oklahoma State but they have never beaten a Big 12 team. They won’t this weekend either I’ll take the Cowboys to win and so does Buster.

Iowa State at Texas – It’s time to see either how bad the Big 12 North is once again or how much they have improved. The Cyclones are the first Big 12 teams to get a crack at the defending conference champs. There is no doubt in my mind they are going to lose but will they cover the 23.5 points they are getting from Texas? I say no and so does Buster.

Flag Football Update: Buster ran for a touchdown and passed for another in his teams 12-6 win Saturday.