Thursday, September 07, 2006

Buster's Best

I made Buster pick against the spread because I was tired of getting smoked by him picking the games straight up. Turns out we both stink at picking against the spread. At least he has the excuse of only being ten. I guess now you know why I’m not going to try to make a living as a handicapper.

Last Week’s Games

UAB at Oklahoma - The Blazers came into Norman as 22 point underdogs and all the warning signs were there that they were not going to cover. I didn’t listen! Buster and I both picked the Sooners to cover and lost. Buster 0-1, Dad 0-1

North Texas at Texas – I might be ready to admit that Texas freshman quarterback Colt McCoy is better than I gave him credit for, I’ll let you know for sure after this weekend. Buster and I both took North Texas and the 41 points. Buster 0-2, Dad 0-2

Louisiana Tech at Nebraska – There is a very bad pattern developing here with my picks. Nebraska has been atrocious in season openers the last couple of seasons. I thought the trend would continue so I took La. Tech and the 22 points. Buster picked the Huskers to cover and picked up his first win. Buster 1-2, Dad 0-3.

SMU at Texas Tech – The Mustangs were getting 26.5 points from the Red Raiders. I was confident that Texas Tech would cover the score and they did with some to spare. Buster went with the Mustangs to cover, bummer for him. Buster 1-3, Dad 1-3

Notre Dame at Georgia Tech – This goes under the, “I knew better” category. I even said that I thought GT had a good chance to win the game but was afraid to call it. I guess I was scared it would make my picks look really bad so I took the Irish to cover the 6.5 points. Buster took Notre Dame as well. Buster 1-4, Dad 1-4

This Week’s Games

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers – The NFL season officially kicks off tonight with my Dolphins visiting the World Champion Steelers. Because of the loss of Big Ben the Steelers are only a two point favorite over Miami. Buster says the Steelmen will cover and win the game but I’m going the other way and taking the Dolphins.

Indianapolis Colts at New York Giants – The Colts are favored by 3 and Buster and I both think they will cover.

Washington Huskies at Oklahoma Sooners – The Huskies come into Norman as 17 point dogs and Buster and I have both learned our lessons. We are taking the Sooners to win but the Huskies to cover.

Oklahoma State at Arkansas State – Nice raod trip here for OSU. If you are a team from the Big 12 Conference how do you end up on the road against Arkansas State? The Cowboys are 14.5 point favorites against Arkansas State and Buster doesn’t think they will cover. I’m thinking if they don’t then it will be really tough for OSU when they get into conference play. I’ll take OSU to cover.

Ohio State at Texas – How good is this game going to be? Forget the best game of the weekend it could be the best game of the year! Buster likes Ohio State to cover the 2 points they are getting from the Longhorns and I am going to take the defending national champions to cover.

Flag Football Update: Buster has his first flag football game of the season this Saturday. Tune in next week for results.