Sunday, September 17, 2006

Why Do We Have Replay?

Sooners Get Hosed!

It’s one thing to have your team lose a football because of a blown call by the officials. It’s a totally different issue when you have to watch the officials mistake over and over again on replay and then not have the call reversed.

Here’s the deal for those of you not familiar with the game yesterday between Oklahoma and Oregon. Oregon did an onside kick late in the game and the officials awarded the ball to Oregon.

The play was reviewed by the officials upstairs because it appeared that an Oregon player touched the ball before it traveled 10 yards which would be an illegal touching and the ball would be given to Oklahoma.

There are two things you want to look at when looking at this video. First, the Oregon player who clearly touches the ball before it goes 10 yards. Secondly look at Allen Patrick of Oklahoma (#23 in white) he dives on the ball and recovers the kick. The officials had blown the play dead before anyone recovered the ball. Then they awarded the ball to Oregon. How does that work?

Here’s the worst part. After the play was reviewed Oregon was awarded the ball. My question is based on what? The ball was illegally touched first which should have resulted in Oklahoma getting the ball. Then Oklahoma actually recovered the kick which should have resulted in Oklahoma getting the ball. There in no doubt that the Sooners would have run the clock out and won the game 33-27 if the play was properly officiated.