Monday, September 12, 2005

Week 1 NFL Roundup

Big Games

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens Colts 24/Ravens 7 I’m trying to figure out if the Colts defense was really that good or if the Raven offense was really that bad. Baltimore only managed to score when the game was well in hand. Ravens kicker Matt Stover missed three field goals. The Colts are still my favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons Falcons 14/Eagles 10 It was Monday Night Footbrawl in Atlanta as the Falcons and the Eagles had to be separated twice before the game even began, resulting in the ejection of Philadelphia’s Jeremiah Trotter and Atlanta’s Kevin Mathis. Atlanta out rushed Philly 200 yards to 51 yards. I like Jim Mora Jr. I think he will be a better coach than his father was. However, we will probably never hear him utter the words, “Diddley Poo.”

Big Upsets

Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins Dolphins 34/Broncos 10, We all knew that the Dolphins would improve this season, they couldn’t get worse, but they came out and dominated the Broncos. Miami was creative on offense and dominant on defense. The Jets are next on the schedule and they looked anything but impressive against Kansas City. Miami could start 2-0. Three more games until Ricky Williams returns!

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Saints 23/Panthers 20, I think the Panthers will be pretty good this season and I also think the Saints will struggle. However, how could you not cheer for the Saints on Sunday?

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers 49ers 28/Rams 25, Wow, what can you say here? Anyone who says they saw this coming is a liar!


Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots Patriots 30/Raiders 20, New England was as impressive as ever on offense and their defense left a few question marks? I say they win their division but don’t make the AFC Championship game.

Worst Game

Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins - Redskins 9/Bears 7, Both teams struggled on offense. The Bears will have a very good defense by the end of the season. Too bad it will take longer for the offense to catch up. Washington could get shut out next week at Dallas.

Roaming Saints

The New Orleans Saints will open up their home season Monday night at the New York Giants. Their remaining seven home games will be played in San Antonio and in Baton Rouge.
Week 4 -- Buffalo (San Antonio, Texas)
Week 6 -- Atlanta (San Antonio, Texas)
Week 8 -- Miami (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Week 9 -- Chicago (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Week 13 -- Tampa Bay (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Week 15 -- Carolina (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Week 16 -- Detroit (San Antonio, Texas)

Looking Ahead at Week Two

Big Game

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders - The Chiefs have the opportunity to jump on their archrivals early in the season. The Raiders have an improved offense with Lamont Jordan and Randy Moss, so they should be able to score a few points on the Chiefs. The problem is going to be the Raiders defense. They will struggle keeping Kansas City out of the Red Zone.
Prediction: Kansas City 31/Oakland 17

Possible Upset
New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers – The Panthers are better than what they played on Sunday. This will be there chance to show that with the defending world champions coming to town. Look for the Panthers’ defense to try to take control of the game. Should be low-scoring and that will be to Carolina’s advantage.
Prediction: Carolina 17/New England 14

Miami Dolphins
My Dolphins play on the road at the New York Jets who got blasted by the Kansas City Chiefs this past Sunday. I think that Miami’s defense is every bit as good as the Chiefs and should have similar success against the Jets. I also like the creativity of Miami’s offense and I think it will be good enough to win.
Prediction: Miami 17/New York Jets 10