Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Buster's Best

Okay, this is getting embarrassing. Buster is already claiming victory for the season and has said that he wants to go camping for his reward. Thanks to whoever it was that suggested that idea.

Last Weeks Games
Game 1, Dallas Cowboys @ San Francisco 49ers – Buster picked the Cowboys and won. I took the 7 points Dallas was giving and lost. Blasted Cowboys!
Buster 1-0/Dad 0-1
Game 2, Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts – How did the Colts not explode on offense in this game? Buster picked the Colts and won. I took the 14 points the Colts were giving and lost. Buster 2-0/Dad 0-2
Game 3, Memphis @ Tulsa – Buster picked Tulsa and moves to 3-0. I took the 1 point that Tulsa was giving and won as well. Buster 3-0/Dad 1-2
Game 4, Iowa @ Ohio State – Buster went with Ohio State and is now one game away from a perfect weekend. I took the 7 points that Ohio State was giving and am now one game away from having a winning record. I’ve forgotten what that is like.
Buster 4-0/Dad 2-2
Game 5, Tennessee @ LSU – Buster picked the Volunteers and went to bed with them losing 21-0. Thanks to Les Miles (Oklahoma State fans do you miss him?) he woke up a perfect 5-0 for the weekend. I took the 6.5 points that Tennessee was getting and won as well. Buster 5-0/Dad 3-2

For the Season
Buster 13-7/Dad 9-11

This Week’s Games

Game One San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots – Buster likes the Patriots to win and I like them to cover the 5.5 points even though san Diego seemed to get things rolling last week against the Giants.

Game Two Dallas Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders – Buster likes his Cowboys and I think I’m going to have to go the other way with this one. Dallas has struggled the past two weeks defending the pass and I think this week it will cost them the game. I’ll take the three points that the Raiders are getting.

Game Three Kansas State @ Oklahoma – Buster is sticking with the Sooners and I will as well (I’m kicking myself as I’m writing this). OU has had two weeks to prepare for the game and I think at home they will cover the 6.5 against the Wildcats.

Game Four Illinois @ Iowa – Buster likes the Hawkeyes and for some strange reason I do to. I think they will win the game but won’t cover the 17.5 point spread.

Game FiveMississippi @ Tennessee – Buster likes Tennessee who got things rolling Monday night and should have ended their quarterback controversy. I think they keep rolling and cover the 21 points against a bad Ole Miss team.

Flag Football Update – Buster’s team moved to 3-0 with an 18-6 win Saturday. Buster sealed the deal with a 35 yard touchdown run. Unfortunately a trampoline accident Tuesday night left Buster with 24 stitches and about three weeks of recovery. He will be on crutches for 7 – 10 days, so football is on hold for right now.