Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Blog Poll Roundtable

I have the privilege of voting in the blog poll. It’s a Top 25 college football poll voted on by about 48 sports bloggers. We have weekly discussions about the college football season and I thought I would share this one with you, if you would share your opinions. We haven’t done this in a while so we will give it a shot. Give us your thoughts

1. We are now 1/3 of the way through the season and things are starting to shake out. With that in mind, who are your picks to win each of the BCS conferences, as well as your choice for an at-large berth from a non-BCS league (none is an option)?
Here are mine:
ACC: Va Tech
Big 12: Texas
Big 10: Minnesota
Big East: West Virginia
Pac 10: Cal
SEC: Tennessee
At-large: None

2. What team currently out of the Top 10 (AP or Coach's, doesn't really matter), has the best chance of ending up in the title game?

3. When you're watching a game, what type of fan can you absolutely not tolerate being around?
The ones who yell and scream their heads off and yet they don’t know a thing about football and what is actually going on in the game.
Then there are always those fans who like to go to the game and sit down the entire time. Heaven forbid you actually get excited and stand up in front of them during a play. “Hey buddy, I missed that play because you were standing up. Would you please sit down so I can see?”