Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Buster's Best

Last weeks results:

Sniff, Sniff, do you smell that? That’s my picks from last week stinking up the blogospher. Buster plowed over me last week, in the picks. I will really have to hunker down and play catch up now.

Game 1 Tennessee @ Pittsburg (NFL) – Buster picked the Steelers to win and I picked them to cover the 7 point spread.
Buster 1-0/Dad 1-0
Game 2 Dallas @ San Diego (NFL) – Buster picked the Chargers and so did I. They were 4.5 favorites and lost the game.
Buster 1-1/Dad 1-1
Game 3 Tulsa @ OU – Buster picked the Sooners and I picked them to cover the 30.5 spread. What was I thinking?
Buster 2-1/Dad 1-2
Game 4 Stanford @ Navy – Buster picked Navy to win and I took the three points they were getting.
Buster 2-2/Dad 1-3
Game 5 Oklahoma State @ Florida Atlantic – Buster picked OSU and I took the 14 points that Florida Atlantic was getting. Unfortunately the Owls had more turnovers than they did points.
Buster 3-2/Dad 1-4

For the season - Buster 5-5/Dad 4-6

This week’s picks.

Game 1, Miami Dolphins @ NY Jets– Buster likes the Jets. I was surprised at Miami’s win over Denver last week and I was surprised at how bad the Jets looked against Kansas City. I’ll take the six points that the Dolphins are getting.
Game 2, Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys – Buster likes the Cowboys and so do I. I will be there in person to watch the Cowboys cover the six point spread.
Game 3, OU @ UCLA – Buster likes the Sooners and I just don’t know. You have to think they will get better at some point. If they lose I don’t think it will be by more than 7. I’ll take OU and the 7 points they are getting.
Game 4, Arkansas State @ Oklahoma State – Buster likes the Cowboys. However, OSU has not beat Division II Montana State or first year Division I Florida Atlantic by 25 and I don’t think they will beat Arkansas State by 25 either. I’ll take the 25 points the Indians are getting.
Game 5, San Diego State @ Ohio State – Buster likes the Buckeyes and so do I. I’ll take the 27 points they are giving to the Aztecs.