Monday, September 12, 2005

Sooners Make Progress in Win, Still Have a Long Way to Go

The good news is that OU won. Forget the fact that they played Tulsa and forget the fact they didn’t pass in the second half. The Sooners showed some improvement and that is what they had to do. They improved in the area of getting pressure on the quarterback; OU seemed to knock Tulsa QB Paul Smith all over the field on Saturday. They improved in run blocking; Sooner blockers sprung Adrian Peterson for 220 yards and 3 touchdowns. Most importantly they improved in heart. There seemed to be a sense of urgency as OU opened the game and then late in the second half.

What I Liked
I don’t like Rhett Bomar as quarterback. I just don’t get the impression that he is ready to play big-time football, 5-13 – 42 yards, 2 INT’s against Tulsa, but I do like the fact that the Sooners stayed with one quarterback. I am not a fan of playing both quarterbacks and I really feel that is what cost us the TCU game.

Cody Freeby averaged 50 yards a punt and had one of 70 yards. Dang!

Rufus Alexander seriously looked like he was trying to kill someone. Hopefully his nastiness will rub-off on some other players.

Duke Robinson!

Still Work to Be Done
I don’t know if the reshuffling of the offensive line is finished yet, but it needs to be settled before OU goes to UCLA. The line, whoever they are going to be, needs to gel and work as a unit in order to improve. I confident that the coaches recognize this and coach Wilson used the Tulsa game as a scouting opportunity and will use practice this week to put together a solid pass-blocking scheme, hopefully.

The center to quarterback exchange has got to be addressed as well. They tried to move Bomar into the shotgun and there was still a problem.

The passing game overall is in shambles! I hoping, praying, and trusting, that there are offensive schemes that will allow us to utilize the passing game that Chuck Long has not opened the playbook to yet.

Looking Ahead
UCLA is better than they were last season and a lot better than they were two years ago when they came to Norman, they still have trouble defending the run and I believe OU will be able to move the ball on them. However, the Sooners will have to be able to pass in order to win. Look for more on the game Friday in Last Minute Football Notes.