Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oklahoma City Hornets?

Friday the Associated Press reported that five NBA officials toured Oklahoma City's Ford Center after the city offered to house the Hornets for the season.

The AP reported that mayor Mick Cornett said the league discussed a lease if they decided on playing 41 games in the 19,675-seat facility.

"The NBA is impressed with what we have to offer," Cornett told the AP.

Cornett said Friday that the sale of tickets for Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in Oklahoma City suggest a strong market for a pro team.

"That old image that we had of Oklahoma City as being a market that was only able to support minor-league events is outdated," Cornett told the AP.

Oklahoma City would provide a great home for the Hornets, even if temporary. There are great fans here and there would be no competition, the Hornets would truly have home court, and it would be the closest option of the sites mentioned.

Louisville, Nashville and Kansas City have reportedly shown they would be interested in letting the Hornets use their facilities, too.