Sunday, September 11, 2005

College Football Round-Up, Week Two

Big 10 Takes It on the Chin
The Ohio State/Texas Game was huge for the Big 10ecause it capped off a day that had seen Michigan go down to Notre Dame and Iowa get blown-out by Iowa State. When Vince Young completed his fourth quarter touchdown pass, he also completed the Big 10 freefall. Going into the day the Big 10 had three teams ranked in the top 10. They all lost!

Mac Daddy
Give credit where it is due. Texas coach Mac Brown has been criticized for not being able to win the big one. Not anymore! Brown chose to wait until his Longhorns went to the most difficult environment to win on the road.

Conference Rankings
Here is how I rank the BCS conferences in strength after this weekend.
1. ACC
2. SEC
3. Pac 10
4. Big 12
5. Big 10
6. Big East

Still In the Hunt
Texas saved the Big 12 in the national championship hunt by beating Ohio State and Iowa State could have ended the Bid 10’s chances of a national championship by knocking off Iowa.

Irish Eyes Are SmilingAre you sold on Notre Dame yet? I know they are good but, after watching Pittsburg lose to the Ohio Bobcats you have to wonder how big that win was last week over the Panthers. I guess time will tell. They are sure to move up in the blog poll.

Who’s on Third?
Here’s a good question. Who deserves to be number three LSU, Virginia Tech or Tennessee? Make sure to vote on the opinion poll.