Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Baseball Q&A with Tom Gatto of Sporting News

I had the opportunity to do a five question baseball Q&A with Tom Gatto, Senior Editor at Sporting News. Here is his take on the final month of the regular season.

My Opinion on Sports: What is the biggest surprise in baseball going into the final month of the season?

Tom Gatto: The biggest surprise, to me, is that the Nationals are hanging tough in the NL wild-card race. I don't see them winning it (see below), but they didn't fade away like I expected them to once they surrendered the division lead to the Braves in July.

My Opinion on Sports: Can you give us a World Series prediction? Who will play and who will win?

Tom Gatto: Right now, I'm going with a Cards-Red Sox rematch.

My Opinion on Sports: Who do you think will win the NL Cy Young?

Tom Gatto: Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals, barely over Roger Clemens and Dontrelle Willis.

My Opinion on Sports: Who do you think wins the AL Wild Card? NL Wild Card?

Tom Gatto: AL- Yankees over the Indians in a close race; NL- Astros over the East teams, because of their pitching and favorable schedule.

My Opinion on Sports: Is there any hope for the Kansas City Royals (My team)?

Tom Gatto: Yes, but the results won't be seen for at least a couple more years. The young pitchers need to mature and positional prospects such as Billy Butler, Justin Huber and (maybe) Alex Gordon need to get some big-league at-bats.

*Bonus Question: Have you been to My Opinion on Sports?

Tom Gatto: Yes, I have. I liked the presentation and the content.

You can check out Sporting News online at www.sportingnews.com, you can also use the link from My Opinion on Sports. Thanks Tom for your input.