Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This Could Be A Good Time To Play The Boston Celtics

The Oklahoma City Thunder aren’t in the same league as the Boston Celtics. Well, they are in the same league, literally, but Oklahoma City is a far cry from being a world championship team. So why do I feel like they might be able to beat the Celtics? It’s all about timing!

Boston played last night in Houston and won an exciting 103-99 decision over the previously unbeaten Rockets. After Oklahoma City tonight they are back to Boston to play the 2-2 Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night. There is the possibility that the 1-2 Thunder are a little under the Celtic’s radar. The right team playing in the right venue under the right circumstances could pull off just the right upset.

What is unknown is if the Celtics are coming down from their emotional high from last night’s victory over the Rockets or if they are still sky high. What is known is that Oklahoma can’t afford to start the game slowly with poor shooting, as they have the previous three games, and still have a chance to win. The crowd should be energetic and could be the 6th man for the Thunder but an early deficit due to a slow start would certainly take the crowd factor away.

I’m thinking that Oklahoma City will be competitive and have a shot at winning. They are energized after experiencing their first win Sunday night and have had plenty of time to rest and prepare. It should be a good game!