Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Exercise Your Right But Don’t Be Stupid!

I’m a firm believer in screening processes and I also strongly feel that people should be subject to simple IQ and common sense tests before participating in certain activities. I’m not saying that you need to be a genius or even close to it in order to participate in some of life’s special opportunities. For example, people should have to answer a few simple questions about sports before they are able to call into a sports talk radio show. People should be able to read English and actually prove that they know how to look out of each on of their mirrors as well as give a real life example of what it means to yield before being given a U.S. driver’s license. In addition people should be able to verify that they are drug free and at least know who the candidates are before being allowed to vote in a national election.

As I waited almost two hours in line today to vote I did what any normal person in my predicament would do. I listened to people’s conversations! The people ahead of me in line was a guy who was clearly high on something. He was sharing with those around him that he was going to cast his vote for George Bush because of the space program. That’s right, George Bush! I have no idea if he was referring to Sr. or Jr. but according to him not only did Bush give him a better chance of getting into outer space but he also felt that he could then go on and become a Jedi Knight. “That’s right, man, just like Star Wars. I’m talking the future, brother, you hearing me?” He may never make it to outer space but he sure knows what it means to be spaced.

Then there was the lady a few people back who was almost as bad. She wasn’t high but she wasn’t playing with a full deck either. She said that she was undecided until yesterday about who to vote for but decided on Obama because…are you ready for this…his grandma died. His grandma died! We are going to elect a new president because his grandma died? If you are going to vote for Obama do it because of his economic or healthcare plans. Do it because you believe in the kind of “change” he is promising. If nothing else do it because you are a democrat but please don’t vote for a gut just because his grandma died.