Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pete Carroll Thinks The BCS “Stinks”

Pete Carroll said on Tuesday that the BCS System, “stinks” and he’s right but it isn’t the system that is keeping the USC Trojans out of the BCS title game. USC pounded Washington 56-0 on Saturday and then dropped from 5th to 7th in the BCS standings.

“I don’t know how the computer thing works,” Carroll said. “I don’t get that part of it. I don’t know how the computer knows how good another team is. I don’t understand that. I don’t know how they can evaluate who you’re playing and stuff and all that."

The problem for USC isn’t the system, although admittedly it is a broken system. The Trojans woes come from their schedule. With Ohio State now having two losses and out of the top 10 USC’s one quality win suddenly lacks …well…quality. Another thing you have to look at with the Trojans is that the Pac-10 is tremendously weak. Don’t believe me? Look at their head-to-head against the Mountain West.

The Trojans are currently on a five game winning streak, including three shutouts, but the five teams they’ve played (Oregon, Arizona State, Washington State, Arizona and Washington) have a combined 14-28 record. Which team ranked ahead of USC wouldn’t breeze through that schedule? Carroll is right, the BCS does stink but not as bad as the Pac 10.