Saturday, November 15, 2008

Inconsistency Drops Thunder To 1-9

I’m glad that I’m not P.J. Carlesimo because I would have no idea of how to motivate a group of underachievers to play four quarters of basketball. Apparently Carlesimo doesn’t either because the Thunder have yet to do it this season. The fans, and the NBA for that matter, have no idea what the true potential of this team is because they consistently play inconsistently. You can almost take it to the bank that they are either going to lay down in the first half and then become competitive in the second or be competitive in the first and then lay down in the second half. We saw examples of both this weekend on the Thunder’s road trip to New York and Philadelphia.

Against the Knicks on Friday night Oklahoma City was outscored 68-44 in the first half before becoming competitive in the second before losing 116-106. Then on Saturday evening in Philadelphia the Thunder were outscored 64-43 after a competitive first half in a 11-85 loss to the 76ers. Ultimately a team’s success or failure is based on expectations and no one realistically expected the Thunder to compete for a championship but we did expect them to compete. Maybe we should have just expected them to be consistent!