Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Durant = No Chance For Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder have a hard enough time winning games as it is but when you remove their leading scorer then winning becomes impossible. Kevin Durant averages 22 points a night for the Thunder and with him on the bench Wednesday night, due to a sprained ankle, Oklahoma City was outscored 109-92 by the Orlando Magic.

Durant says that resting Wednesday and Thursday will allow him to play this weekend at New York and Philadelphia. Oklahoma City desperately needs wins and with a healthy roster they actually have a chance this weekend. As a fan I would expect a 1-1 split from this weekend and would be ecstatic if the return 2-0. If they come home 0-2 it will be unacceptable because I’m tired of the moral victories that come with seeing improvement. I’m ready to see that improvement turn into a real victory.