Monday, January 15, 2007

Dolphins Heading Across the Pond in 07

The Miami Dolphins will make NFL history this year when they play as the home team in the NFL’s first regular season game outside of North America.

Wembley Stadium is the most likely place to host the game but Miami’s opponent is still undecided. The New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills are the two possible opponents for the Dolphins with the Giants possibly being the most coveted.

Honestly I don’t see how any good can come out of this. It robs the season ticket holders of a game. It robs the Dolphins of home field advantage and with all the travel involved it could cost Miami the following week unless it was followed up with their bye.

Over the next 16 seasons, each of the NFL’s 32 teams will participate in a regular season game outside the United States.

Coaching Search Narrowed Down
The Dolphins have also narrowed down the coaching search to five candidates and while we don’t know all five names a few of them did leak out.

Georgia Tech head coach Chan Gailey, former Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora Jr. and New York Jets defensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer are all being brought back for a second interview.

Who knows who candidates number four and five are but one of them could be current Miami defensive coordinator Dom Capers who just signed a new three-year contract over the weekend.