Thursday, January 25, 2007

Time to Fess Up Reggie

Reggie Bush you have been busted. You’ve been caught with your hand in the cookie jar or caught with your hand in the cookie jar or however else you want to phrase it. The whole world knows that you received improper benefits while at USC. You tried to play it cool and denied any wrong doing when Yahoo Sports broke their story on your arrangement with Michael Michaels and Lloyd Lake last spring but the problem just isn’t going away.

Here’s the deal Reggie. No one believed you! Well, no one outside of Southern California. Now it turns out that you were actually recorded saying that you had intentions to repay the New Era Sports financiers "their money," as well as for a car that was purchased for you.

Its confession time Reggie! The estimates are that you received around $280,000 in cash, a car and rent for you and your family. Why don’t you let us know how close the nice sports reporters from Yahoo are? Dude, you didn’t get taken down by ESPN, CBS or FOX it was Yahoo.

Now that you are a professional a confession would go a long way because right now people don’t really care about your college career anymore. You were a vital part of this season’s Cinderella story in the NFL. I picked the Bears to win Sunday but was pulling for your Saints.

Your national popularity has never been higher than what it is right now and can stay that way if you would just be honest about what happened and what you received. People really don’t like being lied to. Just ask Nick Saban.
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