Friday, January 12, 2007

The Most Unlucky Man in Baseball

Sometimes Barry Bonds acts like a three year old! No, I’m not talking about the way he addresses the media or treats his own teammates at times. I’m talking about the way he just finds things laying around the club house and either rubs it on his body or swallows it without even knowing what it is.

It seems that Bonds is once again in the news for testing positive for a banned sustenance. As it turns out, according to Bonds, he found some pills in teammate Mark Sweeney’s locker and swallowed them. Unfortunately for Barry those pills were “greenies” also known as amphetamines.

Darn the luck! It seems as if Bond’s photo should be found next to the word gullible in the dictionary.

He unknowingly accepted and consumed designer steroids, for which his best friend is now in prison.

He unknowingly entered into a business arrangement with the founder of a laboratory that provided designer steroids to numbers of athletes.

And he unknowingly – so the story goes – secured a bottle of something from a teammate's locker and swallowed its contents.

It’s a good thing that he has the love and support of the San Francisco Giants organization who understand his knack of mistaking drugs for candy and drug dealers for honest businessmen. Oh wait! That contract hasn’t been signed yet.