Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where in the World is Sam Keller

Dismissed Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller was reported to have been enrolling at Nebraska as early as this week but his father has stated otherwise. Mike Keller told ESPN's Joe Schad on Tuesday evening that he has spoken with Cornhuskers coach Bill Callahan, informing him that some new teams had entered the equation.

"Nebraska is excited about Sam and anybody would be excited to have him as a leader," Mike Keller said. "Bill runs a pro style offense, some call it West Coast, and they'd love to have somebody with Sam's experience come in. He's mature and would be working with young quarterbacks for a season. You know, I'm not trying to play games or play schools against one another, but I can't say it's finalized yet."

Is it possible that we are looking at the 2007 OU quarterback?