Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bomar’s Future/My Favorite Farks

The stadium to the right could be Rhett Bomar's new home. It appears that the former OU quarterback could be heading back to Texas to play for the mighty Texas A&M Commerce Lions.

Apparently the coach of the Division II head coach Scotty Conley has recruited several of Rhett Bomar’s father’s players and is now offering a place on his team for the displaced quarterback. Conley said he sent a request to Oklahoma officials on Thursday asking that Bomar be released from his scholarship with the Sooners. Under NCAA rules, Conley isn't allowed to have contact with Bomar until he is released by Oklahoma.

Even if the release is granted by Oklahoma the Lions would have to apply to the NCAA for Bomar’s reinstatement. Personally I’m hoping that he winds up on the NAIA or Jr. College level.

Bomar Farks
It’s nice to know that so many of my friends feel secure enough in our relationship to send me a ton of farks on Rhett Bomar. I’ve sifted through them all and here are my favorites