Tuesday, August 29, 2006

NCAA Kicking Record in Jeopardy

Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins referred to his kicker Mason Crosby as a “freak” because of his ability to consistently make long field goals.

Over the past two seasons, Crosby has made 11 field goals longer than 50 yards, the highest total in the nation over that span. Last fall he tied for the longest field of the season with a 60 yarder.

"People sometimes discount (a kicker), but Mason is an absolute freak," Colorado coach Dan Hawkins said. "I'd like to get a mike out there and record some of his kicks, because you've never heard a ball squeal like it does when he kicks it."

But how does Coach Hawkins feel about giving Crosby a chance at breaking the NCAA record of 67 yards?

"Obviously, the team comes first and we want to win the game," Hawkins said. "But you also want a kid to have a chance to put his name in a record book. And I want to give him that opportunity. I think he'll have a chance to break the record in Folsom (Field)."

Not only will they go after the NCAA record but the all college record is 69 yards held by Ove Johansson of Abilene Christian.

It’s not a question of opportunity, Hawkins said he'd consider his team in field-goal range any time the Buffaloes cross midfield. It’s a question of what Crosby will do when the opportunity arises.

Crosby said he hit four 68-yarders in spring practice and misfired on a 70-yard attempt during the Buffaloes' spring game.

"It's pretty exciting and cool that he has that confidence in me already," Crosby said. "I think he's going to do it because he's talked about it so much."