Sunday, August 20, 2006

Feldman's Take: Mountaineers Over Buckeyes

We officially know that it’s almost football season because ESPN’s Bruce Feldman has stopped by to talk some college football with us. You know sports opinions are more than welcome on this site but when you are a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine you get your photo and your own article to share yours.

Thanks for stopping by Bruce. I appreciate your time. Whenever you are ready to interview me for the magazine just let me know. I’ll be waiting here, patiently.

My Opinion on Sports: In your opinion who should be the pre-season number one team in the country and why? Who are your pre-season top 5 teams?

Bruce Feldman: I am leaning towards West Virginia. I like that unlike just about every other top 15 team they return pretty much all their key guys. They have a great o-line back, and their schedule is very conducive for making a title run (only a game at Louisville should be a major headache and there is no conference title game to survive.)

My Opinion on Sports: Do you think West Virginia has a legitimate shot to go to the BCS Championship game?

Bruce Feldman: Definitely. Rich Rodriguez is an outstanding coach and I think this program is really hungry and tough and they have enough athletes to make it happen. I am a little concerned about the depth, but everybody would be in some trouble if they lost their starting QB or starting TB.

My Opinion on Sports: Texas lost Vince Young and USC lost Leinart, Bush and White. Which of those two teams do you think will experience the most success in 06?

Bruce Feldman: I think both will be fine. I guess I have a bit more confidence in Texas at this point because I think even if their QB struggles, Jamaal Charles is a safer bet than the new RBs at USC.

My Opinion on Sports: From best to worst how would you rank the BSC Conferences going into this season?

Bruce Feldman: SEC…Big Ten.. ACC…Big 12/Pac-10 and then Big East

My Opinion on Sports: Before last season you accurately predicted that my Sooners were going to have a “down” year. What are your thoughts on the 06 Sooners and how do you see them finishing?

Bruce Feldman: I think they should be better even without Bomar. I like the defense and there are great young WRs for Thompson to work with. I am not sold on the O-line but I think Peterson is more than capable of helping them out.

The Sooners will go as far as Peterson can carry them, which I think will be to 9 wins. I do think the defense will be one of the 5 best in the country but the o-line is probably going to keep from them beating and overtaking Texas.

My Opinion on Sports: How is the Big 12 going to shape up?

Bruce Feldman: I think its Texas and then OU and everybody else. I lost some faith in A&M. I think the north is still a mess. I do think Nebraska will be the best of that bunch but I think after a fast start I think they'll tail off.

My Opinion on Sports: Give us your BCS Championship game prediction. Who plays and who wins?

Bruce Feldman: WVA over Ohio State. I think if Patrick White stays healthy, he’s going to be a big star.

Bruce Feldman is a a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine. You can also check hin out at