Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Buster's Best

I went 3-2 last week which is a winning record but Buster still beat me by going 4-1.

Last Week’s Games

Game One

New England @ Miami
Buster picked the Patriots to win and I had them to cover the three points they were favored by. I’m glad that I went with my mind and not my heart.
Buster 1-0/Dad 1-0

Game Two
Dallas @ Philadelphia
Who can explain what happened here? This was the craziest game since the last time the Cowboys played on Monday night. Buster picked the Eagles and I had them to cover the 3 points they were favored by. Thanks to Roy Williams we both lost!
Buster 1-1/Dad 1-1

Game Three
Texas A&M @ Oklahoma
Buster picked the Sooners to win and I did as well but I said they wouldn’t cover the 13 points they were favored by.
Buster 2-1/Dad 2-1

Game Four
USC @ Cal.
Buster picked the Trojans and I said they would cover the 19 points they were favored by.
Buster 3-1/Dad 3-1

Game Five
Memphis @ Tennessee
Buster picked the Volunteers and I said they would cover the 19.5 points they were favored by. What has happened to Tennessee?
Buster 4-1/Dad 3-2

For the season: Buster 38-17/Dad 25-29-1

This week’s games

Game One

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech
Buster is picking the Sooners who are getting 7.5 points from the Red Raiders. I’m concerned about this game but I do think the Sooners will cover the 7.5 points.

Game Two
Fresno State @ Southern Cal
Buster is going with the Trojans and I am going with them as well. USC is a 24 point favorite and and the Bulldogs could sneak up on the Trojans and make it close but I don’t think so. I’ll take the Trojans and the points.

Game Three
Oklahoma State @ Baylor
Buster is taking OSU and I’m scratching my head. Baylor has been aweful the past few weeks and OSU had been aweful most of the season but respectable the past two weeks. I would suspect a letdown game for the Cowboys but the way Baylor has played it may not matter. I’ll take the Pokes to cover the 2.5 they are getting from the Bears.

Game Four
Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys
Buster is taking the Cowboys and who wouldn’t after the Monday night miracle? The Lions are getting 8 points from the Cowboys and I have a huntch they are going to cover it. I’ll take the Lions getting the points.

Game Five
Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns
Buster is going with the Browns who are a 2 point favorite over my Dolphins. I totally disagree! This is not a pick of the heart. I really believe that the Dolphins are a better team than the Browns. I’ll take Mimai and the 2 points they are getting.

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