Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Perhaps Fontana Will Teach Us Something About NASCAR `09

There are a total of 36 races in the 2009 NASCAR season and with the sports premier event done with we’ve learned absolutely nothing about this season. Matt Kenseth found himself in victory lane after the Daytona and he could be the least talked about winner in a while. Instead the media and blogs were focused on Junior’s wiping out of 9 drivers in one blow and the subsequent rain delay that awarded Kenseth the winner.

Now the circuit moves west to Fontana, California for the Auto Club 500 and barring another controversial pile up followed by an act of God perhaps we’ll get a real gage on the season. With all due respect is anyone buying that Kenseth is the top driver after last weekend’s race? For that matter is Kurt Bush the 11th or Jimmie Johnson the 31st? We just don’t know yet!