Thursday, February 05, 2009

Backup Your Documents With Confidence

IDrive is introducing the thinnest and lightest USB drive ever. With 320 GB storage capacity you can backup multiple computers or even use it for online backup with seamless integration. This new Portable Drive gives you freedom to work from multiple stations and store multiple documents and programs in one location with the confidence of a reliable backup.

Prices at just 119.95 the IDrive is 120 mm long and only 10 mm deep giving this portable drive a sleek look. Powered by USB the IDrive is fast. With a 5400 RPM hard drive it is almost 24% faster than the 4200 RPM drives. It operates with Windows 2000 or newer, MAC OS X and Time-Machine.

Now you can have the freedom to do local backups, for quicker restores, with relative ease.