Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Quest For A-Rod’s Cousin

Not since Joe Pesci starred in “My Cousin Vinny” has there been more buzz about someone’s cousin. Ever since Alex Rodriguez said that his “cousin” had injected him with steroids between 2001 and 2003 bloggers, writers and anyone who has a vendetta against the New York Yankees. Actually a few Yankee fans were interested in finding out who he is to see if he can score any juice that would help A-Rod get a post-season hit.

As it turns out Rodriguez’s cousin wasn’t really his cousin after all. I know, I know. A Major League Baseball steroid user isn’t telling the truth. I’m just as shocked as you are! The mysterious man in question is Yuri Sucart of Miami, Florida. Hiding under the “cousin” status Sucart was rat out by his wife on Thursday.

Who knows what motivated her to bring his name to light but what is known is that this is a story that needs to go away and go away rather quickly. Super Star cheats, MLB gets a black eye and wheel goes round and round. The Yankees should be embarrassed, A-Rod should be embarrassed and every fan of baseball fan should be embarrassed about what has happened to the sport.

Instead of taking any sort of disciplinary action this will get swept under the rug and only survive as long as media allows it to. It’ll be talked about for a while. It’ll provide fodder for heckling fans. Then eventually it’ll fall to the wayside as some other big name gets exposed. First Clemens and now A-Rod and we are left wondering who is next. Maybe Jose Canseco can tell us.