Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don’t Believe Us We’re Just A Blog

We’ve told you before here at My Opinion on Sports about the great deals on eyeglasses that can be found at Zenni Optical. Just in case you missed that post, Zenni Optical is a company that offers complete single vision eyeglasses for as low eight dollars. A recession in today’s economy isn’t going to erase a person’s need for glasses and when you consider that eight dollars also gets you anti scratch coating, UV protection as well as lens edge polishing and beveling it’s a deal that certainly shouldn’t be passed up.

It’s not just a limited selection of eight dollar glasses either. Zenni Optical offers a selection of thirty-six different pairs at that price. These are all quality looking eyeglasses like the pair shown above. Of course you may not want to just take our word for it. After My Opinion on Sports is just a small blog. If you need affirmation from a major news outlet check out what the New York Times had to say about Zenni Optical.

Thanks to Zenni Optical my days of paying over one hundred dollars for prescription eyeglasses are over and yours can be as well. Just pick out the frames that you like and then fill out the order form page found on the website. Complete your order by selecting your payment option (debit or credit card) and your new specs will arrive in the mail shortly.