Sunday, February 15, 2009

Biggest Officiating Blunder Ever!

There are those high school officials who you just know one day are going to be officiating an All-Star Game sometime and then there are the guys that called the Rio Americano High vs. Bella Vista basketball game who are totally at the other end of the spectrum.

Rio Americano was down by five points with just 12 seconds when they committed an intentional foul against rival Bella Vista. With two free throws and the ball resulting from the intentional foul the game should have been over. However, as the video will attest to it didn’t go down that way.

The foul wasn’t only intentional it was intentionally rough as Rio's Pierce Burton grabbed Bella Vista's Justin Haley and rode him to the ground. Of course teenage boys being teenage boys both teams had players stand up and wander from the bench to watch the spectacle that strangely resembled elementary beginner’s wrestling.

High on the moment the officials sprung into action and called a technical foul on every player that stepped away from the bench. The result? Eight free throws for Bella Vista and eighteen for Rio – the team that instigated the incident - to complete the miraculous comeback.
Fortunately the decision was appealed and the powers that be overturned the official’s decision and gave the game back to Bella Vista.