Wednesday, December 17, 2008

College Bowl Pick’Em Time!

The My Opinion on Sports fantasy football season winding down. I’d like to say congrats to Buster’s Bears and Mudville for reaching the championship game and then acknowledge that it is now time to turn our attention to the college football bowl season.

The My Opinion on Sports College Bowl Pick’Em Contest is up on Yahoo Sports and everyone is invited to participate. Pick the winners and place your confidence points beside your selection. When the final game ends on January 8th we’ll have us a bowl guru to crown. Sign up now because the bowl season begins on Saturday!

To sign up log in to your yahoo account and then click this link. Click the “Join a Public or Private Group” button and the “accept an invitation to join a group”. The group ID# is 46278 and the password is sooners08.

Just in case you might be a Texas fan make sure to read the rules for a tie breaker!