Friday, December 05, 2008

Seriously, The Pats Are This Desperate?

Junior Seau is now the official Michael Jordan of the NFL. Not that he ever sniffed being the best football player in the history of the league or won multiple championships but that he has multiple retirements and comebacks. The 39-year-old Seau came out of retirement to rejoin New England Patriots on Friday.

To say that the Pats linebacker corps has been depleted this season is a huge understatement. After Adalius Thomas went down against Buffalo things have been so bad that New England is also calling back Rosevelt Colvin. His name should sound familiar because the Patriots unloaded him in February.

Currently New England is in 3rd place in the AFC East behind the New York Jets (8-4) and the Miami Dolphins (7-5). The Pats play three of their final four games on the road.