Friday, December 12, 2008

Pretend NCAA Division I Playoffs: #7 Texas Tech vs. #2 Florida

Texas Tech missed out on a trip to Kansas City to play for the Big 12 Championship but thanks to our pretend playoffs and their #7 BCS ranking they are still players in the national title hunt. Graham Harrell leads the nation’s top ranked passing offense with 50 passing attempts per game for almost 420 yards per game. The Red Raiders are scoring 44.6 points per game but face a stiff challenge in the Gators defense.

Tim Tebow has the offensive firepower to match Harrell’s but also has a defense behind him that could be the best in the country. The Florida Gators are scoring an average of 45.2 points per game and only surrendering 12.8 points per game. This is a match up that gives us finesse against power.

Texas Tech would be able to play close to the Gators in a great first half of football. The Florida Gators would use a variety of weapons to keep the Red Raiders second guessing on defense but in a surprise move Mike Leach would use his rushing attack quite successfully in the first half to keep Tebow off the field. The first upset of the playoffs seemed at hand with Tech up 21-14.

In the second half Urban Meyer made some adjustments and released an onslaught of offense. Tech wouldn’t be able to keep up with the four headed monster of Tebow, Rainey, Demps and Harvin. Florida would seemingly score at will and the Big 12 would see one of their three powers eliminated from championship contention.

Florida: 42
Texas Tech: 28

Red Raider Stats
Graham Harrell – 25/39, 285 yards, 2 touchdowns
Baron Batch – 84 yards, 1 touchdown
Shannon Woods – 81 yards, 1 touchdown

Gator Stats
Tim Tebow – 18/28, 216 yards, 2 touchdowns
Chris Rainey – 92 yards, 1 touchdown
Jeffery Demps – 91 yards, 1 touchdown
Tim Tebow – 91 yards, 1 touchdown
Percy Harvin – 91 yards, 1 touchdown

That’s how I would see it going down. How about you?