Friday, April 20, 2007

Ricky Williams to the St. Louis Rams?

The Miami Dolphins could finally be taking my advice, only about a year too late. After walking out on the team before the 2004 season Williams returned, and faced a four game suspension, for Miami’s 2005 season. It was at this point that I suggested that the Dolphins trade Williams for whatever they could get out of him.

Did they listen to me? Of course not! Williams hung around and received a one year ban from the league for yet another substance abuse violation. Essentially he walked out on his team for the second time in three seasons.

In Williams the Dolphins don’t just have damaged goods they have possibly permanently damaged goods. Williams is one failed drug test away from a life-time ban making him more of a liability than ever before.

Now, in steps Scott Linehan and the St. Louis Rams who could be willing to offer the Dolphins something for nothing. Linehan, who was Miami’s offensive coordinator in 2005, said that the Rams would be interested in acquiring Williams as a backup to Stephen Jackson.

The Rams probably wouldn’t be willing to offer anything better than a fifth or sixth round draft pick for him but at least the Dolphins can count on a draft pick!