Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ricky Williams Applying for Reinstatement, Again

Ricky Williams is all set to make yet another comeback. After being forced out of the NFL for a full year Tricky Ricky is ready to run over the Buffalo Bills once more. Sure, he has his critics and who wouldn’t with his track record? Miami Dolphin fans don’t know how long he’ll be around this time nor do his teammates. He literally could go from a 150 yard rushing performance one week to sitting on his couch watching the games on DirecTV the next.

Its not that Ricky is injury prone (which is the main reason NFL players make a comeback) nor has he been in trouble with the law. Ricky’s only problem is that he has a tendency to choose smoking pot over being a teammate.

Although he contends that he doesn’t have an addiction to marijuana he is only one more strike away from receiving a lifetime ban from the NFL. He has sacrificed NFC stardom, rushing titles and a Hall of Fame career for smoking pot but according to Ricky that’s not an addiction that’s choosing to take control of your life.

As a Miami Dolphins fan I’ll cheer for the team and yes that means when Williams carries the ball I’ll be hoping that he does well as will his teammates. The thing is that we’ll be hoping that he’s there to do it every week.