Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Around the Empire

NBA Play-Offs Contest

Here’s how it works! You pick the winners of each series and how many games you think that series will go. For each winner correctly picked you’ll earn 70 points but for each game you are off on the total number of series games you will lose 10 points.

So if you picked the Pistons to beat the Magic in six games and they win in five you would earn 60 points for that series. The contest will go on through the NBA Finals with points carrying over to the next round.

What do you get? Well, that’s a legitimate question. You get dinner on me if you win the contest. I’ll send you a $25.00 gift card to a restaurant of your choice from our list.

Where do I sign up? The entire contest will be run through the forum. If you are not already registered there you’ll need to, obviously. It’s free and only takes a minute!

The entire Eastern Conference is set and the West is pretty much a done deal. Head on over and make your picks.

My Opinion on NASCAR Pays Homage to Jeff Burton

Burton has style
He's done it again. On Sunday, Jeff Burton made a clean move on the racetrack and showed why he's the model citizen in a town that's gone corrupt with violence.

Two in a row for Burton
Hooooray !!!! Jeff Burton finally made me feel good about supporting him, and became the only driver to qin two times at the Texas Motor Speedway yesterday.

My Opinion on Baseball Pays Homage to Barry Bonds
The End is Near

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