Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Global Warming Doesn’t Apply to Cleveland

Where ever Al Gore is right now he needs to drop whatever it is and head to Cleveland because the Inconvenient Truth is that the Indians can’t play baseball because of snow storms in April.

Cleveland had seven attempts at playing baseball against the Seattle Mariners snowed out between April 6th and the 9th. Today they are beginning a three game series where they will be hosting the LA Angels at Miller Park in Milwaukee.

Never has the global warming myth failing to rear its ugly head hurt Cleveland worse than it did over the weekend. Not only did the fans have to suffer through seven consecutive postponements but the season ticket holders have now also lost the Angels series to a National League park in Wisconsin.

The biggest blow dealt by Mother Nature came on Friday night when the Indians were shutting out the Mariners with one out away from the game being called official and the umpire decided to call it thus snatching a game out of the win column for the Tribe.

Global warming? They don’t want to talk about it in Cleveland.
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