Thursday, March 29, 2007

Trent Green Starting to Make Rounds

The Kansas City Chiefs learned last season that they could live without Trent Green and now for some reason the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, and Detroit Lions feel as if they possibly can’t. With three teams trying to work out a deal with the Chiefs for Green’s services I guess you can officially say that the Trent Green sweepstakes is now in full bloom.

As for the Dolphins Green would fit in perfectly, then they would have one quarterback who can’t take a hit to the leg and then another who can’t take a hit to the head.

Other NFL Rumors
Another quarterback shopping for a new team is David Carr. As hard up as the Dolphins are for a quarterback I shocked they don’t have him already but it seems at this point that they aren’t even interested. Instead the Seattle Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers are in the mix to land him. The Seahawks are supposedly set to meet with Carr this coming Tuesday.

If Carr does land in Seattle he may not have Darrell Jackson to throw to (that’s assuming Matt Hasselbeck misses some time) because Jackson is reportedly on the trading block. Of the teams expressing interest in acquiring Jackson Green Bay and New Orleans make the most sense. The other team interested is the San Francisco 49ers.

Have we ever seen a conference champion implode quicker than the Chicago Bears? The pride of the Windy City has been the defense but no people just look and scratch their head. Defensive coordinator Ron Rivera has moved on to the prestigious position of linebackers coach in San Diego. Tank Johnson is going to jail and Lance Briggs wants nothing to do with the team anymore.

The rumors were that Briggs would get traded to the Washington Redskins but that is unlikely because Washington probably won’t be willing to part with their #6 overall pick for a guy who gets disgruntled and quits.