Saturday, March 31, 2007

Meet the Final Four Expert

I only filled out one NCAA Tournament bracket this year and in it I correctly picked the Final Four. However, I did so poorly on the rest of the bracket that I only have a slim chance of actually winning the contest that I’m in. With that introduction here are my predictions as to what will happen Saturday evening in Atlanta.

In the early game Georgetown will beat Ohio State not because they have the best player but the more complete team. The main difference in the game will be Greg Oden, the Buckeyes leading scorer and rebounder, staying out of foul trouble. I don’t think he will and Ohio State’s championship hopes will go down with him.

Expect a great game in the nightcap between Florida and UCLA but also expect the defending champions to go down as well. Here’s a good question for Gators’ fans. Is Billy Donovan even in Atlanta? I realize physically he is but is his mind on the game or is it on Kentucky?

It has to be this way because my bracket says so and my bracket doesn’t lie. At least not about the Final Four.