Monday, March 05, 2007

Los Angeles Angels Q&A

We’ve finally made it to the AL West and have the preview posted at My Opinion on Basedall. As with every other AL division we’ve brought in an expert to give more insight on the team that we’ve picked to win the division. I’d like to introduce you to Reverend Halofan. He runs the outstanding Angels blog Halos Heaven.

When is comes to the Angels the good Reverend is beaming with confidence and quite candid with his answers. Welcome to My Opinion on Sports Rev. and thanks for your time.

How much trouble is Gary Matthews Jr. in over this steroid scandal?

Reverend Halofan: Hopefully lots. His contract is awful and his production can be pretty much replicated by minor league CF Reggie Willits. But, like everything else in this steroidal decade, he will probably walk. His silence tells me his lawyer is already working to ensure there are no perjury charges... talk about thinking down the road.

Give us a quick rundown of the strengths and weaknesses of the pitching staff?

Reverend Halofan: Two Aces (Lackey and Weaver), Two guys who would be the Aces of at least 15 Major League staffs (Santana, Escobar), a former Cy Young Ace due back in late May (Colon), and a 26 year old Lefty who is good (Joe Saunders). The bullpen upgraded big, adding free agents Justin Speier and Darren Oliver. Scot Shields and Frankie Rodriguez need no introduction. If there is a weakness, it may be that the glut of talent pushes the best pitcher to AAA - don't laugh, it happened last season). Also, Weaver has some bicep tendonitis that could force Hector Carrasco to spot start in April.

Which player if would hurt the team the most if placed on the DL - Chone Figgins, Orlando Cabrera or Vladimir Guerrero?

Reverend Halofan: Vlad. Pretend it is 1996 and you are asking this question about the Chicago Bulls: Pippen, Rodman or Jordan. Nobody on Earth is picking Big-Nose or Panty-Hose. Guerrero is our Jordan.

Any weaknesses in the infield?

Reverend Halofan: Figgy's D is not stellar. I think Adam Kennedy had lost a step last season, so Howie Kendrick is not a downgrade. Orlando Cabrera at his worst is a league average shortstop and is the core chemistry guy who keeps the clubhouse loose and happy, so even if that isn't important you have a league average SS. I am more worried about the outfield with Garret Anderson aching, Juan Rivera out until July with a broken shin and Gary Matthews Junior existing at all.

We've got the Angels tabbed to win the West but if not L.A. then who?

Reverend Halofan: Iran or North Korea. The only way the Angels don't win the division this season is if one of them nukes Southern California during a home stand.

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