Monday, March 12, 2007

Lord's of the Dance

We are just days away from the start of the greatest sporting event of the year. That’s right I said it. The NCAA Tournament is better than opening day of MLB, better than the NBA, better that the college bowl season, better than the Super Bowl and certainly better than anything on ice. Here are a few tidbits of opinion regarding this year’s version of the Big Dance.

Weakest of the #1 Seeds
Kansas Jayhawks (West Bracket) – I’m not saying that they are not any good but the Jayhawks rolled through a watered down Big 12 Conference. Bill Self will break his streak of consecutive first round exits at Kansas but the Jayhawks could be done as early as the second round.

This Year’s Cinderella
VCU (West Bracket) - is a possibility because I think they will send Duke packing in the first round but could easily get bounced themselves in the second round by Pittsburgh. That makes ORU (East Bracket) my choice to wear the glass slipper this year. Led by Caleb Green, look for the Golden Eagles to upset Washington State in the first round which will put them on a collision course with Georgetown in the Sweet 16.

Best Team to Not Get a #1 Seed
UCLA (West Bracket) – Look for the Bruins and not the Kansas Jayhawks to represent the west bracket in the Final Four.

First Big Name Coach to get Bounced
Bobby Knight (East Bracket) – Don’t expect Texas Tech to play beyond the first weekend. In fact, I’m not expecting them to play beyond their opening round game with Boston College.

What to Expect in the Midwest Bracket
Expect the Florida Gators to advance all the way to the Final Four. The defending champions may not even be challenged until their Elite Eight match-up with Wisconsin.

What to Expect in the West Bracket
An early exit by Indiana. First of all I think the Big 10 got way too many teams in. Beyond that the Hoosiers have first round upset written all over them. Expect Gonzaga to once again be a story line after the first day of the dance.

What to Expect in the East Bracket
USC to send Texas packing in the second round. Unless this game draws Big 12 officials don’t expect Kevin Durant to receive the same star treatment he has enjoyed throughout the conference season.

What to Expect in the South Bracket
The winner of the Texas A&M/Memphis game in the regional semifinals to upset Ohio State in the Regional Finals and advance to the Final Four.

March Madness
If you haven't signed up for the March Madness Contest yet you have until the opening tip of the first game on Thursday to do so. Don't wait!