Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Around the Empire

Take a stroll with me through the My Opinion on Sports Empire!

With the Major League Baseball season just days away make sure you are caught up on our Q&A’s with the team blogs whom we have selected as division winners. Most recently was Amazin’ Avenue and the New York Mets.

Mets Q&A with Amazin’ Avenue

Los Angeles Angels Q&A

Minnesota Twins Q&A

New York Yankees Q&A

Giving Bonds His Juice Wasn’t Enough for Sweeney

It appears that the San Francisco Giants and Mark Sweeney are about to part ways. Known more recently for being involved in the Barry Bonds’ amphetamines circus than for his .251 batting average last season Sweeney has been in competition with Jason Ellison and Lance Niekro for an opening day roster spot.

NL Central Preview

Steve and I ran into a little snag working on our National League previews called time. Mostly it’s my fault because Steve can’t add to what I don’t send him. Anyway the result was us setting down at the computers and hammering out the NL Central on IM in PTI fashion. Here it is uncensored and fully edited of the typo's:

Chicago Cubs
Steve: Soriano and that’s it! You have Derrek Lee with a bum foot and I don’t see Prior and Woods being anywhere close to an ace
Matt: I'm hearing rumors that woods will be relief anyway.
Steve: Can't get 20 KO in relief. It’ll be good for the cubs, they don’t have a bullpen as is.
Matt: We definitely know that pitching is a weakness
Matt: I actually think that Lee will have a decent season
Steve: Cubs better hope so
Steve: And having Pinella as the manager, they might have a few shows of a dugout tossing.
Matt: Did they upgrade the manager position or get worse switching from Baker to Pinella?
Steve: Actually, better, Baker didn’t do much to help out the cubs and Pinella always has a way to win.
Matt: I would say their entire outfield is a strength. LF Matt Murton hit .297 with 62 RBI's last season.
Steve: I agree with you on that, who do they have in the infield?
Matt: We talked about Lee but 2B Mark DeRosa is solid as well, .296, 74 RBI's
Matt: The infield as a whole looks solid except for short stop.

A New #1
In five Nextell Cup Races Jeff Gordon has finished as low as 12th and as high as 2nd (twice). Despite starting out twice in first place Gordon has yet to finish in the top position this season.