Monday, February 12, 2007

The Travels of Jason Kidd

One thing that is becoming increasingly clear as the NBA season marches on is the Jason Kidd will not finish the season with the New Jersey Nets. The Nets are seriously considering a deal that would send Kidd to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have offered two first-round draft picks and several expiring contracts, in return. Chris Mihm, Aaron McKie and Jordan Farmar have been mentioned, as has center Kwame Brown. Nets' center Jason Collins could also be involved.

Hold up though because the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking for a player to dish the ball to Lebron James and apparently would love to see Kidd and James on the court together but are pursuing other options as well. The Cavs have reportedly have made available every player on their roster, with the exception of James, available to the Sacramento Kings in exchange for Mike Bibby. A deal seems unlikely though unless a third team gets involved.

With all the trade rumors floating around and the deadline just 10 days away here are a few deals that aren’t going to happen.

· Corey Maggette will remain with the Clippers. The team has inquired about trading the discontented swingman but no one seems to have shown an interest.

· Ray Allen will not be going to the New York Knicks! In fact Allen won’t be going anywhere. The Sonics are fighting to stay in Seattle and dealing Allen would deliver a serious blow to an ownership group struggling to find favor among the fan base.

· Julius Hodge will not return to North Carolina to play ball. The former NC State standout has struggled to stay healthy and not impressed Bobcats coach Bernie Bickerstaff enough to pursue him following his release from Milwaukee.

"The problem with Julius is he's been hurt a lot," Bickerstaff said. "He just hasn't been on the floor a lot. What he needs to do is get on the floor and play some basketball."
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