Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sloppy Bowl Halftime Report

16 – 14 Colts, Six turnovers in the first half between these two teams! Yes, I would say the weather is affecting the game.

How about Devin Hester’s opening kick-off! Take that away and the Bears are in serious trouble in this game. How about Vinatieri’s missed field goal just before the half! How huge was that to keep the Bears within 2 points.

For the Colts to win they just need to continue doing what they were doing in the first-half. Keep the Bears offense off the field and keep Peyton Manning in rhythm.

For the Bears to win they have to capitalize on Indy mistakes and move the ball and quit making mistakes of their own. Rex Grossman is going to have to make some plays for the Bears to have a chance and they are either going to have to start making tackles or get out of the zone defense.

Thanks to all who joined us on the message board in the first-half. See you again in the second!