Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Market is Open!

Today is the trade deadline for the NBA and rumors are flying everywhere as to who is going where. Here are the latest rumors as well as my opinions on the deals to be done, or not.

Jason Kidd
The New Jersey Nets are going to try their best to move Jason Kidd and the Los Angeles Lakers are going to do their absolute best to acquire him. The person in question is Andrew Bynum who the Nets want in return. I still say the Lakers will pull the trigger on this deal because if there is anyone who wants another championship worse than Kobe Bryant its Phil Jackson. He could be willing to trade the future (Bynum) to ride off into the sunset embraced in immortality. Look for the possibility of a third team getting involved as well.

Not only will the Lakers deal for Kidd they will also sign Scottie Pippen to a 10 day contract in order to see what he can still bring to the game. Pippen wants a deal with the Miami Heat but will settle for his old coach and pack his bags for a three month stint in L.A.

Deal or No Deal
Houston Rockets General Manager Carroll Dawson is shopping for a trade but not really willing to make one.

"There are ongoing talks," he said. "We're not close to anything. Probably nothing will happen. But you never give up trying."

Despite having one of the best big men in the league the Rockets will be satisfied to make it to the second round of the play-offs only to get bounced by the Dallas Mavericks.

The Orlando Magic are also looking to keep their team intact. Despite Vince Carter dropping the hint that he would like to get closer to his Daytona, FL. home the Magic will make no deals.

Juan Dixon
The Detroit Pistons are looking for a perimeter player and Dixon will be their man. Look for Detroit to make a trade, dealing Nazr Mohammed, Dale Davis or Flip Murray for Dixon.

Clearance Sell
Not only are the Memphis Grizzlies still looking at the possibility to trading Center Paul Gasol but they are also looking into the possibility of dealing Dahntay Jones, Brian Cardinal and Stromile Swift.

My bet is that Gasol stays and one of the other three goes, most likely Swift.

Juan Dixon has been traded to Toronto for Fred Jones.
Anthony Johnson was traded from the Dallas Mavericks to the Atlanta Hawks for 2007 second round draft pick.