Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Around the Empire

Here’s what’s going on around the My Opinion on Sports Empire.

The My Opinion on Sports Fantasy Baseball League is forming right now. You need to hurry and sign-up before all the slots are filled.

We are still looking for a writer to help us launch My Opinion on NASCAR.

My Opinion on Baseball has the AL East and Central previews posted. Here's a sample.

American League Central Preview
Chicago White Sox – Last Year’s Record 90-72, 3rd in Division
Weakness: Pitching, Contreras, Buehrle, Garland, Vasquez and Floyd are all probables for the starting rotation and each of them had an ERA above 4.00 last season.
Strength: Getting on base, the White Sox starting lineup has a combined .348 on base percentage.
What to look forward too: Sox, Tigers, and Twins will be in a heated race for the division crown. Three different winners in the past three years.
Red Flag: Weaker team overall could ruin division run late in the season.
Predicted Finish: 3rd 89-73

American League East Preview

Baltimore Orioles - Last year’s record 70-92, 4th in division
Strength: Batting, the O’s starting infield smacked a combined 88 homers last season led by Miguel Tejada’s 24. Tejada also posted a .330 batting average.
Weakness: Pitching, the six possible guys for the starting rotation have a combined average ERA of 4.65. That won’t be good enough to hang with the Yankees, Red Sox or even the Blue Jays.
What to watch for: A comeback season from Tejada back by a 25 home run 80 RBI campaign.
Keys to Success: Tejada having a career season and a surprise bat in the line up.
Red Flag: Not enough talent to have a winning season.
Projected Finish: 4th 71-91

The Baseball Forum has threads going about fantasy baseball, the AL East and Central.

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