Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Unwritten Rules

This post was inspired by Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated. A few weeks ago SI published an article that Reilly wrote in 1995 about the unwritten rules of sports. Although there is no penalty for breaking these “rules” abiding by them simply shows that sportsmanship is still alive and well. Here are a few of my favorite.

If a line judge makes a bad call in your favor, purposely double-fault the next point.

Never knock in the tying run in the ninth inning of an exhibition game.

Hand the manager the ball when he comes to the mound to take you out.

Do not talk or sit near a pitcher with a no-hitter going.

Never bunt to breakup a no-hitter.

A catcher may complain to the ump all he wants about balls and strikes, as long as he doesn’t turn around and do it face-to-face.

When a soccer player is hurt, the opponents must kick the ball out of play.

Losers walk.

Never shoot high on a goalie during warm-ups.

On the playground, offense calls the fouls.

No overhand smashes at women in mixed doubles.

The caddie of the last player to putt plants the flag.

Never steal with a five-run lead after the seventh inning.

I know I am forgetting some so help me out. Leave a comment about the unwritten rules that you know of.