Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Top 10 Toughest NFL Stadiums

CNNSI.com came up with their Top 10 toughest places to play in the NFL and while I agree with some of them there are others on the list that I question and some that I am wondering why they were left off.

10. Metrodome
(Minnesota Vikings)
9. Lincoln Financial Field
(Philadelphia Eagles)
8. Lambeau Field
(Green Bay Packers)
7. Soldier Field
(Chicago Bears)
6. Heinz Field
(Pittsburgh Steelers)
5. Qwest Field
(Seattle Seahawks)
4. Invesco Field
(Denver Broncos)
3. RCA Dome
(Indianapolis Colts)
2. Gillette Stadium
(New England Patriots)
1. Arrowhead Stadium
(Kansas City Chiefs)

Stadiums on the list that I agree with;
Metrodome – I can’t believe the Metrodome rounds out the list. I should be somewhere in the middle.
Lambeau Field – Best fans in the NFL should be a top 3.
Heinz Field – There is power in those terrible towels.
RCA Dome – Placed just about right on the list.
Gillette Stadium – Could be 1a next to Arrowhead.
Arrowhead Stadium – I have been to Arrowhead to see my Dolphins play and it is very, very loud and imposing.

Stadiums I don’t agree with;
Lincoln Financial Field – The “Stinkin Lincoln”, how can a place be imposing when the fans boo their own team just as much as the visiting team?

Qwest Field – Are we capitalizing on one season for the Seahawks? There is no way this is one of the Top 10 toughest places to play much less number 5.

Where are these stadiums?Ralph Wilson Stadium – Sure the Bills have been down as of late but if you can make Seattle number 5 off of one season then surely the Bills can make the list?

McAfee Coliseum – Is there a more intimidating place than the Black Hole?